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Session and number

Simulator Based Evaluation for Helicopter Load Factor Limit Avoidance with Concurrent Learning  Zeynep Ünal*, Gonenc Gursoy, Ilkay Yavrucuk (Turkey) 82835*, 40039, 40098 WeM1.1
Flight Envelope Protections Using Phase Plane Limits and Backstepping Control  Rasmus Steffensen*, Agnes Christine Gabrys, Florian Holzapfel (Germany) 93559*, 84401, 13695 WeM1.2
Augmented Rotorcraft Conceptual Design Driven by Handling Qualities Requirements  Giacomo Gerosa, Andrea Zanoni, Simone Panza, Pierangelo Masarati*, Marco Lovera (Italy) 93567, 93568, 58022, 52088*, 14716 WeM1.3
Integration of Wake Impact Alleviation Control System into Control System Architecture of Modern Fly-By-Wire Aircraft  Jana Schwithal*, Nicolas Fezans, Dominik Niedermeier (Germany) 92880*, 20312, 92881 WeM1.4
Passivity-Based Angular Rate Feedback Controller for Fin-Controlled Missiles  Seokwon Lee*, Youdan Kim (Korea, South) 82454*, 14182 WeM2.1
Attitude Control of Multirotor UAVs: Cascade P/PID vs PI-Like Geometric Architecture  Gabriele Bressan, Davide Invernizzi*, Simone Panza, Marco Lovera (Italy) 96500, 91981*, 58022, 14716 WeM2.2
Application of Mean-Motion-Based Artificial Potentials for a Cluster Flight Mission Scenario  Federico Fumenti*, David Seelbinder, Stephan Theil (Germany) 93012*, 93013, 39626 WeM3.1
Distributed Autonomous Guidance, Navigation and Control Loop for Formation Flying Spacecraft Reconfiguration  Stefano Silvestrini*, Vincenzo Pesce, Michelle Lavagna (Italy) 93024*, 93051, 39891 WeM3.2
A Modified Re-Entry Trajectory Planning Approach and Comparison with EAGLE Method  Priya G. Nair*, Prof. Ashok Joshi (India) 93554*, 53929 WeM3.3
A Reusable Launcher Benchmark with Advanced Recovery Guidance  Pedro Simplicio*, Andres Marcos, Samir Bennani (United Kingdom) 82170*, 14870, 21322 WeM3.4
Glide Path Generation with Regard to Wind Misestimations  Marius Klein*, Andreas Klos, Wolfram Schiffmann (Germany) 93600*, 93590, 93603 WeA1.1
Generating Aircraft Trajectories Encoded with the Aircraft Intent Description Language Using the Modeling Language Modelica  Michael Hardt*, Robert Hoepler (Spain) 92989*, 92990 WeA1.2
Flight Planning Using Time Annotated B-Splines for Safe Airspace Integration  Nicolai Voget*, Johannes Krimphove, Dieter Moormann (Germany) 93591*, 93592, 43639 WeA1.3
Trajectory Optimization of Microgravity Atmospheric Flights Based on a Hybrid Heuristic Algorithm  Seyed Malaek, Sina Moradi* (Iran) 96501, 96502* WeA1.4
Dynamic Analysis of Tire Consumption in Aircraft Anti-Skid Braking  Luca D’Avico, Mara Tanelli*, Sergio M. Savaresi (Italy) 82811, 16816*, 16303 WeA2.1
A Multi-Channel H-Infinity Preview Control Approach to Load Alleviation Function Design Ahmed Khalil*, Nicolas Fezans (Germany) 92999*, 20312 WeA2.2
Advanced Aeroelastic Robust Stability Analysis with Structural Uncertainties Özge Süelözgen* (Germany) 93052* WeA2.3
A Generic Rendezvous Control Solution for Automatic Landing of Unmanned Aircraft  Julian Theis*, Frank Thielecke (Germany) 92883*, 39672 WeA2.4
Improved Instrument Misalignment Equations for Image Navigation and Registration (INR)  Ahmed Kamel* (USA) 92459* WeA3.1
Improved Image Navigation and Registration (INR) Algorithms  Ahmed Kamel* (USA) 92459* WeA3.2
In-Flight Inertia Matrix Estimation of a Gyroless Satellite  Carlo Nainer*, Hugues Garnier, Marion Gilson, Helene EVAIN, Christelle Pittet (France) 92953*, 13220, 13293, 93000, 52261 WeA3.3
A Novel Multiplicative Quaternion Filter  Daniel Choukroun*, Uri Tamir (Israel) 12355*, 37841 WeA3.4
Applying Eigenstructure Assignment to Inner-Loop Flight Control Laws for a Multibody Aircraft Alexander Koethe*, Robert Luckner (Germany) 93021*, 39628 ThM1.1
Outer-Loop Control Law Design with Control Allocation for a Multibody Aircraft  Alexander Koethe*, Robert Luckner (Germany) 93021*, 39628 ThM1.2
Finding all trimmable flight conditions of an over-actuated aircraft using interval analysis Erik-Jan van kampen*, Stephen Hungs (Netherlands) 39132*, 93113 ThM1.3
Minimum Drag Control Allocation for the Innovative Control Effector Aircraft  Stolk Rob, Cornelis. C. de Visser* (Netherlands) 93538, 39597* ThM1.4
A Distributed Robust Optimal Control Framework Based on Polynomial Chaos  Patrick Piprek*, Sébastien Gros, Florian Holzapfel (Germany) 76910*, 41464, 13695 ThM2.1
Design and Verification of a Linear Parameter Varying Control Law for a Transport Aircraft Christian Weiser*, Daniel Ossmann, Richard Kuchar, Gertjan Looye (Germany) 93573*, 43055, 93575, 39632 ThM2.2
Optimal Guaranteed Cost Sliding Mode Control for a Missile with Unmatched Uncertainties Donghyoek Hwang*, Min-Jea Tahk (Korea, South) 93482*, 16780 ThM2.3
An Extension of the Structured Singular Value to Nonlinear Systems with Application to Robust Flutter Analysis Andrea Iannelli*, Mark Lowenberg, Andres Marcos (United Kingdom) 82667*, 42276, 14870 ThM2.4
Experimental Study of an Attitude Estimator with Measurement Disturbance Rejection  Gustav Öman Lundin*, Philippe Mouyon, Augustin Manecy (France) 93572*, 23402, 39869 ThM3.1
A Robust Complementary Filter Approach for Attitude Estimation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Using AHRS  Johann Meyer*, Kreelan Padayachee, Benjamin Albert Broughton (Netherlands) 93026*, 93029, 93032 ThM3.2
Air Data Virtual Sensor: A Data-Driven Approach to Identify Flight Test Data Suitable for the Learning Process  Alberto Brandl*, Angelo Lerro, Manuela Battipede, Piero Gili (Italy) 93596*, 93517, 93598, 93595 ThM3.3
Time-Domain vs Frequency-Domain Identification for a Small-Scale Helicopter  Meiliwen Wu, Marco Lovera* (Italy) 96634, 14716* ThM3.4
Quantifying Loss-Of-Control of Quadrotors Kieran Kersbergen, Sihao Sun, Cornelis. C. de Visser* (Netherlands) 93536, 93537, 39597* ThA1.1
Reconfigurability Analysis of Multirotor UAV  Marco Maccotta, Marco Lovera* (Italy) 96635, 14716* ThA1.2
Closed-Loop MIMO Data-Driven Attitude Control Design for a Multirotor UAV Angelo Zangarini, Pietro Panizza, Marco Lovera* (Italy) 97606, 97605, 14716* ThA1.3
Air-To-Air Automatic Landing for Multirotor UAVs Pietro Giuri, Adriano Marini Cossetti, Mattia Giurato*, Davide Invernizzi, Marco Lovera (Italy) 95820, 95821, 83029*, 91981, 14716 ThA1.4
Finite-Time, Event-Triggered Tracking Control of Quadrotors  Kaustubh Sridhar*, Srikant Sukumar (India) 93153*, 43791 ThA1.5
Fast Trajectory Optimization Using Sequential Convex Method for Guided Missiles  Heekun Roh*, Young-Jae Oh, Min-Jea Tahk, Chang-Hun Lee (Korea, South) 77186*, 93614, 16780, 31776 ThA2.1
Study of Impact Point Prediction Methods for Zero-Effort-Miss Guidance: Application to a 155mm Spin-Stabilized Guided Projectile  Michael PROFF*, Spilios THEODOULIS (France) 93001*, 18223 ThA2.2
Nonlinear Disturbance Observer-Based Attitude Controller for Exoatmospheric DACS Type Missile Considering Seeker’s Field-of-View Limit  Jaeho Lee, Seokwon Lee, Youdan Kim* (Korea, South) 66577, 82454, 14182* ThA2.3
Kalman Filter Based Altitude Control Approach for Sea Skimming Cruise Missiles with Sea Wave Adaptation  Ozgun Dulgar*, Rustu Berk Gezer, Ali Turker Kutay (Turkey) 92969*, 92968, 58303 ThA2.4
Side Thrusters Firing Logic for Artillery Rocket  Rafał Ożóg*, Mariusz Jacewicz, Robert Głębocki (Poland) 93027*, 93002, 92043 ThA2.5
Feature-Based Optical Navigation for Lunar Landings  Ana Beatriz Magalhães Oliveira*, Hans Krüger, Stephan Theil (Germany) 93621*, 93622, 39626 ThA3.1
Controlling a Non-Linear Space Robot Using Linear Controllers  Amr Wahied Ibrahiem Mohamed*, Chakravarthini Saaj, Asma Seddaoui, Steve Eckersley (United Kingdom) 93046*, 18662, 82898, 93053 ThA3.2
Optimal de-tumbling of spacecraft with four Thrusters  James Biggs*, Fournier Hugo, Simone Ceccherini, Francesco Topputo (Italy) 92924*, 93034, 93035, 93036 ThA3.3
Attitude and Orbital Dynamics Fine Coupling for High Area-To-Mass Ratio Satellites  Cristiano Contini, Camilla Colombo* (Italy) 96512, 96510* ThA3.4
Imperfect Information Game for a Simple Pursuit-Evasion Problem  Barak Or*, Joseph Z. Ben-Asher, Isaac Yaesh (Israel) 82980*, 11751, 17472 FrM11.1
Minimum-Time Control of Linear Systems between Arbitrary States Marcello Romano*, Fabio Curti (USA) 63654*, 93038 FrM11.2
Backstepping Control for State Constrained Systems  Tejaswi K. C.*, Srikant Sukumar (India) 93569*, 43791 FrM11.3
Optimal Deflection of Resonant Near-Earth Ob-Jects Using the B-Plane  Mathieu Petit, Camilla Colombo* (Italy) 96511, 96510* FrM12.1
An Autonomous GNC Strategy for Asteroid Impactor Missions Giovanni Purpura*, Pierluigi Di Lizia (Italy) 93020*, 78222 FrM12.2
Probability of collision between a rectangular cuboid and small debris  Ricardo García-Pelayo*, Juan Luis Gonzalo, Claudio Bombardelli (Spain) 92959*, 92961, 92960 FrM12.3
Distributed Model Independent Algorithm for Spacecraft Synchronization under Relative Measurement Bias  Himani Sinhmar*, Srikant Sukumar (India) 87712*, 43791 FrM13.1
Relative Orbit-Attitude Tracking for Spacecraft Using Adaptive Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control  Jianqiao Zhang*, James Biggs, Zhaowei Sun (China) 92917*, 92924, 92918 FrM13.2
Composite Adaptive Control for Robot Manipulator Systems Hongyang Dong*, HU QINGLEI, Maruthi Akella (China) 92967*, 79054, 11339 FrM13.3
Design and Assessment of a Two Degree of Freedom Gust Load Alleviation System  Daniel Ossmann*, Charles Poussot-Vassal (Germany) 43055*, 17864 FrM21.1
Over-Actuation Analysis and Fault-Tolerant Control of a Hybrid Unmanned Aerial Vehicle  Karl Frederik Prochazka*, Tobias Ritz, Hugo Eduardo (Germany) 94172*, 94173, 94174 FrM21.2
Gstar, Airbus Generic Control Laws  STEPHANE DELANNOY* (France) 39798* FrM21.3
Cascaded Incremental Backstepping Controller for the Attitude Tracking of Fixed-Wing Aircraft  Rafael Cordeiro*, José Raúl Azinheira, Alexandra Moutinho (Portugal) 93025*, 11569, 15226 FrM21.4
The Potentialities of the Display with Path Motion Prediction and Program Trajectory Preview  Alexander Efremov*, Mikhail Tiaglik, Iliyas Irgaleev (Russia) 39658*, 92955, 92954 FrM22.1
Adaptive Prediction for Ship Motion in Rotorcraft Maritime Operations Antoine Monneau*, Kouider Nacer M’Sirdi, Sébastien Mavromatis, Guillaume Varra, Marc Salesse, Jean Sequeira (France) 92811*, 18921, 93016, 93015, 93017, 93018 FrM22.2
Cognitive Research on Pilot’s Eye Attention During Flight Simulator Tests  Boguslaw Dolega*, Piotr Gomolka, Zbigniew Gomolka, Damian Kordos (Poland) 92039*, 93620, 93619, 93612 FrM22.3
Design and Experimental Validation of UAV Control Laws – 3D Spline-Path-Following and Easy-Handling Remote Control  Nicolas Sedlmair*, Julian Theis, Frank Thielecke (Germany) 93022*, 92883, 39672 FrM23.1
Near-Term Flight Path Adaption for Tilt-Wing Aircraft Obstacle Avoidance  Isabelle Barz*, Philipp Hartmann, Dieter Moormann (Germany) 93610*, 93611, 43639 FrM23.2
Multi-Modal Image Processing Pipeline for a Reliable Emergency Landing Field Identification  Andreas Klos*, Jörg Lenhardt, Marius Klein, Wolfram Schiffmann (Germany) 93590*, 93613, 93600, 93603 FrM23.3